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I have had chronic back pain in my lower and upper back for 8 years. I had arthritis for the same amount of time. The pain would flare up before it would rain. I had back surgery a little over a year ago. My husband met someone at work who was holding bible studies at his house. My husband and I attended the bible study where I received prayer for my back and I was completely healed by Jesus. My back pain and arthritis are gone. A couple days later it was raining and I didnít even know it. God is Good! Thank you, Jesus! My husband also suffered from carpel tunnel and numbness in his hands and shooting pain in his legs from diabetes. The leader prayed for him also and Jesus healed him completely. He has feeling in his hands again and the pain in his legs are gone. Thank You, Jesus!!

Roy and Margarita, MS


Last year, 2018, my husband and I decided to leave the Northeast US and move to a warmer climate in the South. In this process, we bought a new house and sold our other. We left behind our children, grandchildren and friends. I had also recently retired from my life long career. This all created stress and anxiety. After many months of the extenuating stress, my body manifested acute debilitating pain mostly in my upper body. A friend told me about Gary. Since I was at a loss for what to do, I thankfully turned to Gary. He performed a prayerful gentle healing. As he proceeded, I could feel my body changing. The pain diminished and then was gone. I felt so relaxed, finally. This pain has not returned. This is all a mystery to me, but I am so very grateful that I did not take medicine . Gary has done a great service with Godís guidance.

Marty, SC


I started having pain on the right side of my jaw and teeth. Over the course of 4 days the pain intensified. It felt like my nerve endings were throbbing. It got so bad that the pain was radiating to the back of my head and down my throat. I had my husband and son pray for me and a friend gave me a word from the Lord to put on my armor. This word really struck a cord with me because the Lord had been speaking to me about this the week leading up to this pain. It was like the Lord had turned a light on in my heart that it is in the secret place with Him that I put on my armor, so I spent some quiet time with Him immediately, and as I was with Him, the pain immediately left. The next 2 days, the pain tried to come back, but each time I would say ďLord You healed meĒ and the pain would leave. I have been pain-free for about 2 weeks now. Thank You Jesus!

Tracy in NC

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